Growing sales through personalized customer experiences

We get to the heart of how Analytics can really transform your business

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Putting people first to achieve common goals

Our Human Resource Analytics assists strategic talent planning in order to optimally reach business goals

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Leading the way through powerful insights and understanding

From data integration to standardization, we do all the painful data cleansing work for immediate and effective application

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Do you lead through Hindsight, Insight or Foresight?

At Bodmas, we endeavour to help you maintain the right strategic focus by continuously moving through this cycle of reviewing the past, keeping an eye on the present, and preparing a proactive plan for the future.

Descriptive AnalyticsWhat Happened?

Diagnostic AnalyticsHow did it Happen?

Predictive AnalyticsWhat will Happen?

Prescriptic AnalyticsHow can we make it better?


Bodmas provides custom analytics and consulting services which enable retailers to transform their business from product sales to customer-centric sales. From data integration and standardization to tailor-fit action plans, Bodmas takes care of all the large and complex data to provide the retailer with customer centric insights which can be applied immediately.

At Bodmas we believe that all the decision making processes should be built around the customer to drive sustainable growth. We follow a holistic approach to bring customer centric analytics to our retail clients.

Single customer view

Consolidate all transactional, demographic, third-party, CRM, etc. data into a single customer view


Combine all the insights & analysis for a compelling and engaging interaction.

Customer Science Engine

Unleash data potential by adding customer centric segmentations & algorithms

Personalization & Optimization

Build 1-on-1 customer experiences through assortment, preferences, optimized pricing & promotions, store layouts, etc.

  • 39% of marketers say they can’t turn data into actionable insights*

  • 95% of data within organizations remains untapped*

  • 49% increase in revenue growth of companies which invested in analytics versus those that didn’t*

  • 15% increment sales per customer can be driven through personalised experiences

*Source: The State of Marketing Survey 2013 RIS New & IHL New

Our goal is to empower the business with actionable insights that will help in optimally utilizing their most valuable asset - 'The talent', to achieve key objectives and long term goals. The major barrier hindering implementation of Human Resource Analytics is not the lack of data but inability to make the data accessible and measurable. Cutting edge technology deployed to assist HR departments is often marginalized in the absence of accurate and current data.

Our 4-step approach ensures that the key decision makers have a holistic view of the business problems.

Our services can help you achieve:

  • Optimization of Bench Strength
  • Decrease project delivery timelines
  • Reduction in attrition rate
  • Improve Employee Engagement

Benefits of Mature Analytics Organizations

  • 2x

    Two times more likely to improve their recruiting efforts

  • 3x

    Three times more likely to realize cost reductions and efficiency gains

  • 2.5x

    Two and a half times more likely to improve talent mobility – moving the right people into the right jobs

  • 2x

    Two times more likely to improve their leadership pipelines

Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2013

Big or Smallyou need the right data

  • The data may not contain the answer. The combination of some data and an aching desire for an answer does not ensure that a reasonable answer can be extracted from a given body of data.John Tukey

We believe that quality data is the foundation of powerful insight and understanding. The implications of poor data carry negative effects on business through decreased customer satisfaction, increased operations costs, inefficient decision-making processes and lowered employee productivity.

As a first step we create a customized database which is ready for high-end analytics, through our proprietary tool “Bodmas One Source”. It is a platform that ensures uniformity of existing and new data.

Along with the help of our analysts, it can

  • Ingest all current data from various sources and formats
  • Standardize current available data
  • Identify missing data
  • Capture and update data from different sources
  • Create one source of standardized and complete information
  • 88% of all data integration projects either fail completely or significantly over-run their budgets

  • 33% of organisations have delayed or cancelled new IT systems because of poor data

  • #1

    According to Gartner, bad data is the number one cause of CRM system failure

  • <50

    Less than 50% of companies claim to be very confident in the quality of their data

Our Approach

Powering Business Intellect

Dispelling myths, uncovering opportunities and constantly questioning 'why not' helps us, and in turn our clients, stay focused and keep the business on course. Expertise in data science and passion for problem solving are at the very core of our foundation. We tailor solutions specifically to each of our client’s unique situation and business challenges.

Our highly skilled team works in close partnership with the client to drive real insights into actionable plans to deliver cutting-edge data analytics. The end objective is to create competitive advantage and achieve tangible results that have a positive impact on the client’s business.

Our retail analytics solutions empower Retailers & Brands with BI & analytics tools to optimize promotions. We operate through our brand ClicFlyer providing our B2B SAAS subscriptions tools and our app “ClicFlyer” , the leading promotions app for physical stores with over 1 million active users in the GCC.

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